What is EcoVillage Moldova?

EcoVillage Moldova is a community of people who strive for a sustainable lifestyle and a space that encourages personal development, exchange of experiences and eco-practices. While some of us have been living on site for several years, exploring and adapting eco-practices, many more are connected to this community through shared values and initiatives implemented in Rîşcova and other parts of Moldova.

Who are we?

Our wish is to see such practices as water conservation, eco-gardening, energy efficiency, healthy diets, natural construction and community cohesion become mainstream, strengthening the resilience of our region. 

Our focus areas

Community Building & Integration

Eco Construction & Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation

Organic Gardening



EcoVillage Moldova is founded on the ideas of building resilient communities: mindful lifestyle, collaborative approaches, permaculture principles, eco-construction, participatory development and continuous education.
In 2012 a group of people started meeting monthly to envision and plan an eco-community. After a period of research and visits to over 20 locations, we decided to settle in Rîşcova, Criuleni in 2014. Since then our community and initiatives have been growing organically.

EcoVisio Training Center

In 2016, in partnership with EcoVisio, we started building the EcoVisio Training Center (ETC) meant to become a regional hub for practical education in the fields of organic agriculture, energy efficiency, eco-construction, community building, civic activism, rural development and social entrepreneurship.

EcoVisio Training Center aims to connect change-makers, particularly in fields related to sustainable development, with the ultimate goal of developing as a community and as a country.

Horse Sanctuary

In 2018, two volunteers with four horses, saved from ending in a slaughterhouse joined EcoVillage Moldova community.

The initial desire to simply care for these horses grew into a longer-term initiative to create a natural horsemanship program, that explores human-horse interaction that is respectful and safe for both parties.

The Horse Sanctuary initiative aims to build a community of people equiped with humane methods for horse training and care. Sharing best practices about horse related activities like eco tourism visits, horse interaction therapy and even horse interaction mentorship, we can restore the horses into pillars of resilience for the villages.

Others about us

Media about EcoVillage Moldova

Visitors about EcoVillage Moldova

I hope that I will return to this wonderful place, which formed a part of my identity, inspired me to change the world, as well as myself.
/ Workshop Participant
Wonderful place to visit, rest, study, meet new people.
/ Workshop participant
Thanks a lot for the hospitality, for sharing the experience in ecology! We appreciate our communication!
/ NGO Doctors for Ecology, Dubăsari
Thank you for new friends, new emotions, new knowledge, for the basil on my windowsill.
/ Participant from Tiraspol
We were impressed by the way the plants grow in companion with others and the method of ‘mulching’. I also felt here eco-consciousness, so necessary today.
/ Visitor at the opening of the forest trail
Thank you for hosting us and showing us many ways of how people can improve their habits.
/ Visitor from England