Our Services

Space Rental

accommodation, catering, transportation

  • Conference Room for up to 50 people
  • 3 Workshop Spaces for up to 20 people
  • Accommodation at EcoVillage for up to 20 people and up to 20 more with host families in the village
  • Vegan/ vegetarian catering with local, seasonal meals Transportation upon request

Practical Workshops

for groups of 10-30 people

  • Organic gardening & composting
    Spend some time in the garden, learning about garden design, soil rehabilitation, mulching & composting, drip irigation, plant rotation & compatibility, biodiversity, plant protection, seed collection, climate change adaptation and more.
  • Vegan/ vegetarian cooking
    Explore how diets affect our health, try cooking new recipes with seasonal and local products, like lentil cream soup, sunflower seed spread, veggie burgers, granola bars and almond milk.
  • The magic of herbal teas
    Learn about medicinal properties of herbs, plant collection & drying, atmosphere setting and creating your own tea mix to take home.
  • Nature-inspired crafts
    Join one of multiple workshops on corn husk weaving, eco-decorations, upcycling old clothes into carpets, handmade toys, etc. and keep your masterpiece.
  • Selective waste management
    Examine products lifecycle, what can be recycled and how, how to compost biodegradable waste in rural and urban areas, community level systems through an interactive workshop.
  • Eco-Construction
    Get your hands dirty applying clay plaster, painting with lime or making a reed mattress. In the meantime learn about advantages of natural construction, passive solar design and green roofs.
  • Energy efficiency
    Analyze how efficient is your house energy consumption, learn about different types of insulation, how to install solar heating and solar electric panels, etc.
  • Solar dried fruits & vegetables
    Pick your own fruits or vegetables from our garden and learn how to dry them in a solar dehydrator. Discover nutritional values of dried products and how to store them. If interested, we can guide you on building your own solar dehydrator.
  • Tree planting
    Offset your carbon footprint by planting trees and learning how to ensure their survival.

Educational Trainings

for youth, adults, organisations

  • Eco-activism & civic engagement
  • Greening of the organization
  • Development of community initiatives
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Conflict management
  • Youth empowerment

Facilitation Services

our practitioners could come to your region and consult on:

  • Starting a youth club
  • Project design management
  • Reducing environmental impact of the organization
  • Ecofriendly gardening
  • Waste management & composting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-construction


discover Riscova and surrounding areas

  • Forest trails
    Hike through Codrii forest on one of the marked trails to Ivancea lake, enjoying scenic forest landscapes. If you’re quiet enough and lucky, you might bump into a deer. 

  • Bike rental
    Take a bike ride to the neighbouring villages to see soviet era mozaics, blooming sunflower fields or discover the Cave Monastery in Old Orhei only one hour away.
  • Picnics
    Spend some quality time with your family or friends savoring a picnic in the treehouse or in the forest. Our kitchen ladies would be happy to prepare a picnic basket for you.
  • Gastronomic tour of the village
    Experience Moldovan rural life while visiting several Riscova families that will share their secrets of making pickles, gems, cheese, traditional dishes. The experience will not be complete without a little tasting!
  • Cultural program
    Enjoy a local choir performance and learn how to dance the traditional hora. Bring your friends or family to the autumn Potato Fest in Riscova!

Family Visits & Retreats

unique experience to reconnect with nature, people and yourself

  • Recharge at EcoVillage Moldova
    Stay over night for a day or a week and create your own program following what nature and this site can offer.
  • Fun educational activities with kids
    Sharpen your creativity and communication skills while painting, crafting or playing games.
  • Co-shared working space
    Bring your laptop or sketchbook and work remotely from an equipped office space, from a terrace facing the forest or from the bench in the garden.
  • Group Retreat
    Reconnect with yourself & others through teambuilding activities and boardgames, music sessions, movie nights, yoga & guided meditation.