NGO Programs

An important aspect for EVM is community outreach and development programs, which are implemented through 2 non-profit organizations, each with its own focus areas:

Association for Rural Development “Avânt”, a local NGO focused on the development of Riscova and neighboring villages. Examples of initiatives organized by Avant include various educational events, waste management and tree planting actions, school garden project, awareness raising for river protection, as well as building partnerships between LPA, businesses and civil society from 7 neighboring villages to implement a common regional development strategy.

EcoVisio is a national NGO, working to reach the potential of Moldova as a model region of sustainable development and to help people achieve positive changes. In its work, EcoVisio is focusing on six main topics, all interconnected: climate, waste, agrifood, communities, education and entrepreneurship. Since 2016, many EcoVisio members and alumni joined hands to build a Training Center at EcoVillage Moldova, that continues connecting people and inspiring change.


We appreciate diverse skills and knowledge that people coming here bring! If you’d like to experience simple rural living at EcoVillage Moldova and share or build your skills in a particular area, we welcome volunteers for short-term stay (1-60 days) or long-term stay (3-12 months). Experience shows that there are more volunteer opportunities from April to November. Please contact us in advance to find out more details about available conditions and to coordinate your visit.

Short-term opportunities to get involved include tree planting actions, village cleanups, thematic workshops, garden works, etc. Follow our facebook page to learn about upcoming opportunities.

Long-term opportunities include supporting our work in one or several areas like: gardening, horse sanctuary, eco-construction, kitchen, administration, PR, trainings, community development, fundraising. Share with us your experiences and area of interest by filling the application form below.

You are searching for a unique place to perform your own seminars, workshops or other kind of training?

Bring a group for an event!

Hold you own training in our Training Center!

Rent a training space that fits your requirements:
Indoor, outdoor, big conference room, small break-out rooms.

Eco-Tourism Opportunities:

  • Forest Trails
  • Gastronomical Tour of Rîşcova
  • Horse Sanctuary

Lodging and Catering Services

We can also organize transport for larger groups from Chisinau to our village.

Develop an initiative or social entreprise

If you have an innovative idea or are looking for partners for your initiative, we’d love to hear from you.

EcoVillage Moldova grew organically by people with initiatives coming together. We can support each other by sharing spaces, expertise, tools, organizational structures and networks.


Growing sustainable communities is not an easy task and you can be one of the people connecting initiatives, spreading seeds of awareness and multiplying eco-practices in your community!

We would be happy to share with your team informational resources, facilitators, specialists, practitioners and we would love learning from your experiences.

With enough cross-pollination of initiatives, ecological lifestyle can become mainstream sooner!