Original House, 2014

Original House, 2014

EcoVillage Moldova is founded on the ideas of building resilient communities: mindful lifestyle, collaborative approaches, permaculture principles, eco-construction, participatory development and continuous education.

In 2012 a group of people started meeting monthly to envision and plan an eco-community. Pictures below will guide you through our growth process.


  • Multiple meetings with architects, designers, facilitators, future residents were involved in the planning process.

  • The community and the vision shaped organically with inputs from people involved at different stages.


  • Over 20 communities visited in 2013-2014.
  • We were looking for sites with potential: old buildings, camps, farms that could be rehabilitated.
  • During research we focused on openness of people and local public administration, distance from the city, access to utilities, costs, feel of the village.
  • In February 2014 we found a suitable site in Riscova, (Criuleni).


  • In 2015 it was hard for us to grow anything because of high amount of heavy clay in our soil and south-facing slope.
  • Several techniques applied in the past 5 years helped us improve the soil quality: terracing to retain rainwater, mulching, adding compost, applying crop rotation.
  • Planting trees, bushes & companion flowers helped us increase biodiversity by attracting birds, beneficial insects, worms, lizards, hedgehogs, etc.
  • In 2020 we managed to harvest enough fruits and vegetables for our own needs and for sale.


  • One of the inspirations to start the project in Rîşcova was meeting a local young family living in an eco-house who were eager to develop an eco-community.
  • In 2015 the first 2 pioneer families moved to EcoVillage Moldova (EVM) site.
  • Since then, the residential community has been changing with some people building own homes nearby and moving out, volunteers joining for long-term stay and some Rîşcova residents sharing similar values becoming part of EVM community.


  • 2014-2015 EcoClub organized at the local school.
  • Since 2015 tree planting actions with students, teams from different organizations, local and international volunteers.
  • Riscova community park was initiated by the first EcoClub participants. It grew from a few benches made from recycled wood under a tree into a space that hosts major community events. Multiple people joined hands to build a playground, a stage, install a table tennis, plant trees and flowers.
  • Riscova Potato initiative connected several local farmers who decided to explore growing potatoes without chemicals with other experienced people in the field. To celebrate diversity and harvest yearly Potato Fest was organized since 2018.
  • The School Garden initiative started in 2019 with the goal of teaching youth basics of organic agriculture and social entrepreneurship. Students planted berries and medicinal plants in the school backyard, allowing school to use it as a demo plot and an income generating activity.
  • 2019 Forest Explorers initiative inspired local youth to connect with nature and to build marked trails to facilitate forest exploration. 
  • Several ongoing initiatives like plastic recycling, clean-up campaigns aim to bring Riscova a step closer to sustainable waste management.